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First of all, we'd like to thank you all for supporting the 1000 Hearts for Harry Project. Our shared purpose is to raise funds for a heart screening programme for 1,000 local young people every year. All proceeds from the project will go towards achieving this target. This website is where we will outline forthcoming events and plans, as well as share information about future heart screenings.


We would like to thank Altrincham Football Club  Manchester for hosting our latest heart screening event on the 27th and 28th February 2016. Over 200 young people were screened, with over a dozen referrals made due to perceived heart issues

On the 12th April 2014, Harry collapsed at home whilst watching TV with his dad Mario , he never regained consciousness and passed away in hospital that night.
Tests revealed that Harry had suffered an 'aortic dissection' - a rupturing of the largest artery in the human body. There were no prior warning signs, no indication that Harry was unwell and that something so tragic and devastating could possibly happen to our 17 year old son who appeared to be fit and healthy.

In the UK, 12 young people die every week from undetected heart disease. That is equivalent to a small school every year. Find out more about why the UK need to reform it's screening programme especially for the young.

Find out more about our upcoming events, including some amazing summer fundraisers and lots of individual events which support 1000 hearts. 

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